A Complete Guide to Remove GarageBand on Mac ( Two uninstallation Methods)

GarageBand is a professional digital recording application designed primarily for MAC platforms. It is used to create and edit music with the help of in-built tools. However, this popular workstation eats up a lot of memory on the MAC devices, which has led to uninstalling by many users. If you have GarageBand installed on your Mac device and you don’t find any use with it, you can simply remove it from your device. In case your device is low in space and you don’t find time to use the GarageBand application, you can opt to uninstall it to retain the memory.

If you are looking for ways to delete Garageband from your Mac device, you are on the right page. Here we provide you with a complete guide to removing GarageBand on Mac. Before getting started let us look into the reason why GarageBand has come onto the Uninstall list all of a sudden.

Why is GarageBand Taking Route to Bin?

The GarageBand for Mac is the ultimate application to create music. However, the app occupies great space on the device, which is a problem to start with. The supporting files of the app are very huge and take up large space on the hard disk. In particular, the Loop Library and the Instrument Library occupy the massive space in a MacBook. That is the primary reason why Mac users are willing to remove the app from their devices.

The other big reason behind deleting the app is not using it for the purpose it was actually designed to be used for, such as recording music and creating podcasts. Coming the MacBook Air users, they are forced to delete the app given the small drive it has. If you have made up your mind to delete GarageBand, there is no need to look back, but it is important to know a few key things about the app before removing it.

You Should Before Uninstalling GarageBand

Before you proceed to uninstall the GarageBand application from your Mac device, let us look at how the uninstallation procedure in a MacBook works. If you are determined to delete the app anyway, you have to do it perfectly. Usually, the installation of an app from the device takes less than a minute. The same thing happens with GarageBand as well, but here is a trick you have to pull. While you uninstall GarageBand, all the executable and external files will be removed, but there are chances that some of the configuration files may remain at different locations. Though the files are not large enough to occupy huge space, they may somehow affect the functioning of your MacBook if not removed.

So it is mandatory to clean all the left out files from the junk folder on the MacBook to ensure that the app is completely removed. Now, let us look at the methods to uninstall GarageBand from Mac devices. You can use two methods to remove the music application. You can do it manually or you can take the help of a third-party application.

How to Uninstall GarageBand?

Below are the steps to uninstall GarageBand from your Mac.

  • Open the Finder and go to the /Applications/ folder.
  • Find “GarageBand for PC” hold the icon and drag it to the Bin. You can also select the file and click on the Delete option.
  • Go to the Bin and see if the GarageBand app is present there.
  • Click on “Empty” to empty the bin.

If this is done on Mac OS X Mavericks these steps are enough to delete the app completely, but if you are using another version of the Mac OS X, you will need additional steps to delete linked files.

  • Go to the Finder and press Command+Shift+G to open Go To Folder.
  • Type in /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/
  • Select all the files in the directory and delete them: /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/
  • Empty the Trash once more.

How to Uninstall GarageBand using AppCleaner?

As we mentioned earlier, you can also use a third-party application to uninstall GarageBand from the Mac device. Whichever Mac device you own, you can use this application to delete GarageBand from it. You will be using AppCleaner to delete the app and its associated files from the device

  • Download AppCleaner and install it.
  • After successful installation, go to /Applications/ and select GarageBand.
  • Drag the app icon and drop it into AppCleaner’s Dock icon.
  • Now select the app and choose “Delete”.
  • This will uninstall GarageBand from your Mac device.

By using the AppCleaner you can effortlessly delete the GarageBand app from your Mac device without any trace of configuration files. The cleaner will remove the library of associated files from the Mac OS X file system.


So well, this is how you uninstall the GarageBand application from Mac. As soon as you delete the app, the space once allotted to the app will be freed and you will now get enough space in your memory to install some useful application. Many people use this application daily to produce music. However, if you have decided to delete it anyway, think twice before you press that delete button. This is because GarageBand is a top-notch music application that can help you create wonders, but if you still insist on deleting the application, you can do so by following the steps we have mentioned above.

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