How To Use Garageband? (Fun & Useful Ways)

Garageband is a powerful and versatile digital audio workstation that allows you to create music, record instruments or vocals, edit audio recordings, mix multiple tracks, and more. Here we’ll explore some of the best features of Garageband so you can make the most of it!

1. Create Music

One of the most popular uses of Garageband is to create music. You can write and record your songs, remix existing tunes, or compose soundtracks for podcasts or videos. Though you don’t need to be a professional musician to use Garageband, the software has enough tools that even experienced artists can get creative with.

2. Record Instruments & Vocals

If you have an instrument or microphone handy, you can easily plug them into your computer and start recording with Garageband. You can set up custom settings for specific devices and save them, so you don’t have to reconfigure every time you want to record something new.

3. Edit Audio Recordings

With its built-in editing features, Garageband makes it easy to manipulate and edit audio recordings. You can adjust levels, mix multiple tracks, add effects or plugins, and more.

4. Use MIDI

Garageband also supports MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), allowing you to control external instruments from the software. This means you can use your computer’s keyboard as a piano or guitar, for example, and play it with any sound you want.

5. Share Your Projects

Once you’ve finished creating your music masterpiece in Garageband, there are a few different ways you can share it with others – including exporting your project as an MP3 file or uploading it directly to SoundCloud or YouTube.


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, Garageband is a potent and versatile tool for creating and editing music. With its ability to record instruments and vocals, mix multiple tracks, use MIDI devices, and more, you’ll never run out of possibilities in digital audio. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Garageband today!

Bonus: If you’re looking for some help getting started with Garageband, check out our tutorial series on the basics of making music in Garageband! It covers everything from recording instruments to mixing and mastering your audio. We also have tutorials on advanced techniques like synthesizing sounds or adding effects to recordings. With these helpful resources, you can quickly become an expert in Garageband and start making music like a pro!

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